aXon upSell Pharma

​As a quality producer of Pharma and Medical Engineering equipment you need a strong field sales force. Efficient tour planning, valuable services on site at the customer and a mobile order fulfillment will optimize your processes. Physicians and professional staff in medical practices, laboratories, apothecaries and hospitals have a strict and tightly synchronised scheduled, hence your field sales team has to be well structured and use the short time slot to persuade with expert advice and an efficient service.
Using the aXon mobile sales app upSell Pharma & Medical Engineering, you increase your turnover by combining multi-channel sales with e-commerce, knowledge portal, sales control and social marketing.

UpSell can also be connected to your Entreprise Resource Planning offering an integrated order and distribution process. Key features are:

Turnover & Sales Force Control

• Strategic and operational area management
• Optimize customer visits, cycles, notifications and preferences
• Mobile route and tour planning
• Mobile order fulfillment and intelligent order proposals
• Allows different conditions, promotions and reductions
• Medical practice and Hospital assessments ( N° of beds, physicians, specialties…)
• Assessment of instruments/gears and competitor’s products
• Sample & promotionmanagement

Training & Service

• Correspondence and activity tracking
• Ingredients, medical studies and product knowledge base
• Loaners, consumables. field service and contracts